Abortion Rights

Abortion rights activists argue that, those who oppose abortion also oppose contraception and sex education, which increases abortion’s demands. On their part, those who support legal abortion support laws and policies that will end up decreasing the demand for abortion. Some individuals supporting abortion rights see it as the last option as they focus on other situations where abortion will be necessary such as to save a mother’s life. Among the political scene, the Democrats endorse the position of abortion rights, claiming that abortion should be legal, safe and rare as well. However, there are some democrats who feel otherwise.

There are ethical questions that concern abortion. Is abortion acceptable if pregnancy would cause direct danger to the mother if the pregnancy is left to continue? Is the practice acceptable in cases involving incest, rape, or contraception failure? Is abortion legal or acceptable if the fetus were deformed? Does the woman have an absolute right to take control of her body and what she can do with it? Does the fetus acquire rights as it gets closer to being born? Should the idea that they are potential to be a person give unborn babies a right to life, and are they worthy of legal protections?

The large part of the debate concerning abortion deals with fetal pain. Many researchers believe that a fetus is not likely to feel any pain until after the sixth month of the pregnancy, however, there are those who disagree. Anti-abortionists have proposed that abortion providers tell the woman the fact that the fetus may feel pain in the process of abortion. Keeping this in mind, there are those who perform abortion under general anesthesia, with those opposing the idea claiming that it would pose health risks to the mother.

While both sides of the abortion debate agree to the fact that fetuses are of human species, they differ on whether a fetus is a person. Pro-life supporters say abortion is morally wrong due to the idea that a fetus is an innocent being or a potential life. Those who oppose this idea claim that a fetus is not a person with a right to life. They claim that a fetus lacks a right to life because it lacks rationality, self-consciousness, and autonomy. However, those arguing in favor of abortion bring the idea that, while a fetus may have a right to life, abortion is morally permissible since a woman has a right to control her own body and make decisions on her own.

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