A Schema for Examining Social Welfare Programs

In the United States, the social security as one of the social welfare programs has been able to change the live of the people of United States. It has created employments leading to the country growth and development. Therefore, there is a need to take care of the changing social statuses especially concerning security (Howard, 2007). In short, for a country like the United States, workers have grown from being farmers in earlier centuries to a time where most areas have become urbanized attracting urban employment opportunities. Thus raises the need for more progressive social security system .Workers are characterized by their strong independence on their wages so as to be able to pay their bills this leaves little to save and thus pension schemes help to shape their future though social security welfare.

The need for social security system cannot be avoided. This is because there raises the problem of aging where workers retire and others are laid off to pave room for more experienced ones, such workers will need some sort of support to take care of them since they are now independent on personal income (Linda, 2000). This is where the government steps in to provide a sort of a cover that will see them live a comfortable life, a life that would see the government compensation for their role in the growth of the country. Another bunch of nationals that are compensated are the homeless and the handicapped where those who work are taxed and the proceeds used to equip foster homes so that the number of people living on the streets is evidently reduced (Dolgoff, 2008) .Is the government justified to temporarily house such people? The answer is yes as by doing so it reduces the chances that most of its other citizens are robbed by the unemployed and the homeless who turn into the life of crime eventually improving the image of a state and the country in general (Howard, 2007).

Social security system gets its finances from the government. Being one of the vital branches of the overall social welfare, the government has a role to ensure that every American citizen has access to social security. This involves things like pensions and retirement benefits. Moreover, the government has enacted legislation which aims at ensuring that every organization or company has the obligation of ensuring that its employees are entitled to these benefits.

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