A Fine A Private Place & Play-By-Play

Secondly, A Fine A Private Place puts women in a limbo considering the fact that the poet has deliberately chose to sell the female sexuality cheap in order to please the man, this poem has a tranquil mood that facilitates the man to take over the entire game. Female sexuality gets another blow when the poet creatively brings out the issue of penetration. Ackerman emphasizes this when she alludes to the imagery of “letting sea water drive it through petals…to the dark purpose of a conch-shaped womb”. She again depicts women as mere sexual tools whose purpose is to satisfy the man in the name of love.

We can not afford to divorce Ackerman’s meaning in using the sea imagery, according to Ackerman, unlike the traditional portrayal of women, she compares the political arena to a voyage on the sea where in as much as the man in this poem leads the way, she is the one who eventually decides the next cause of action as depicted in the last stanza, the imagery of eating the peach. Ackerman states in the last stanza that the woman thought of it miles away in reference to the eating of the peach in this case referring to the woman’s main agenda of using all in her possession to ensure that she wins the man over (Ackerman, 1948).

Murray has used a more direct approach to approaching the theme of politics and sexuality; she poses questions to the men though she creatively and intentionally chooses to use boys in contrast with older women. She begins by asking “Would it surprise the young men playing softball on the hill to hear the women on the terrace admiring their bodies?” this implies that it is supposed top be pretty obvious that the young men would not be surprised. She goes on to ask pretty challenging questions aimed at the men. This is expressed in the 2nd stanza where Murray posits that “And why should it surprise me that these women, well past sixty, haven’t put aside desire but sit at ease and in pleasure, watching the young men move above the rose garden,” this in my opinion is an implication that age is not an issue in order for a woman to enjoy her sexuality. If anything, they are in charge of the entire play, consider the imagery of the boys moving above the rose garden. Traditionally, roses are beautiful flowers normally associate with good tidings that this women want bring to young men, they sit pretty following the boys in order to satisfy their strength.

A Fine A Private Place on the other hand uses very complex imagery and erotic language to express the freedom and the advantages of female sexuality. Ackerman uses the imagery of the peach which has traditionally been used in relation with the women folk to depict the power that the women poses when it comes to sex, she coins this in the last stanza “…sinking her teeth into the cleft of a voluptuous peach…” this in my opinion implies the fact that the woman enjoyed giving in to the demands of the man after all thereby a disgrace to the women.

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