A Comparative Analysis of Dietary Journals and Prospects

Comparatively, the Kelly Watson Journal provides for high quantities of grains and beans as well as some notable amounts of oil. Fruits are set at 80%. In total, a projected 6592 kilocalories are imminent by this journal. This is quite high as per the aforementioned recommendations of the caloric concept by the health department. Setting grains consumption at over 100% per day plus meat is quite contrary to the advocates by the people health as well. However, these figures can be adjusted depending on the person’s health status as well as fat levels in the body.

To recap these studies, it is evident that the generated iprofile journal meets some of the requirements set by the government agencies as well as independent organizations notably in grain consumption and low fat foods index. However, the Kelly Watson journal proposes much of grain and protein intake in contrast to the study’s journal which advocates for reduced (almost zero) oil consumption but high fruit diets. It is however recommended that these journal programs be not fixed but flexible to allow for daily variations in daily meals. For instance, alternating the Watson’s program with the generated one can also provide a health dietary intake.

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